Process Overview

ECODIR is concerned with transactions between Businesses and Consumers taking place over the Internet. Through ECODIR's Online Dispute Resolution process, a conflict born on the Internet can be resolved using the Internet.

The system is designed to resolve disputes in an easy, swift and inexpensive manner. The process is confidential and voluntary.

ECODIR involves a 3-step process of negotiation, mediation, and recommendation:

The 3-step process is designed to maximize the chances of parties reaching a quick and mutually beneficial settlement.

The negotiation phase is initiated when ECODIR sends an invitation to the respondent to enter negotiations, based on information provided by the consumer. Should the respondent agree to cooperate, the parties then have a fixed time limit within which to negotiate a solution to their dispute via the ECODIR platform.

Should negotiations between the parties fail, they may then ask ECODIR to commence the mediation phase; indeed, if no settlement is reached within a 18 days in the negotiation phase, ECODIR will contact the parties and invite them to enter the mediation phase. For this an independent mediator will be appointed by ECODIR to help the parties interact and to identify the key elements of their disagreement in order to assist them in reaching an agreed solution.

If a solution is not found through mediation within 15 days, the mediator may then issue a recommendation based on the principles of honesty and justice, taking into consideration the rights and obligations of the parties in relation to the circumstances of their dispute.

A significant element in the ECODIR process is that it is entirely consensual; either party is free to walk away from the process at any stage, and the mediator's recommendation will not be binding on any party unless they have specifically agreed to be bound by it in a separate agreement.